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2019-5-7   DZSM45 zoom stereo digital microscope with build in 3.0Mpixel 1/2 Inch COMS Camera
2019-4-17   MV-10 Multi-viewing Microscope with 10\heads Multi\viewing attachment
2018-4-15   MB570 LCD 16MP Microscope
2015-5-29   95mm NIR, NUV APO Infinity-Corrected Objectives
2012-11-9   Motorized Auto-Focus Microscope
2012-11-8   Microscopy Cameras for microscopes
2012-10-21   MFZ-800 Series Fluorescent Stereo Microscope
2012-5-16   MJ8102 Industrial Metallurgical Microscope with M Plan APO HL long working distance objectives
2012-4-25   LED fluorescent / fluorescence microscope
2012-4-16   Zoom1060 Parallel optical system zoom stereo microscope with Tilting Binocular Head, 0-35 Inclination
2012-3-14   New inverted fluorescent microscope
2012-2-24   New inverted biological microscope
2012-1-11   New Polarizing microscopes
2012-1-11   MC8 VGA Video Camera for microscope with build in cross hair / crosshair generator
2011-11-13   M Plan APO HL Objectives for Metallurgical microscope 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X,Visible,NIR,NUV, M26
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