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Measuring Microscopes
MNC-2 LCD measuring microscope

MNC-2 Digital LCD Stereo Measuring Microscope (5.0MP, with measuring function) with 9 inch HD LCD screen with HD video and HDMI output has renovated the traditional way of microscopic observation and adopted a modern way of electronic imaging, a high resolution LCD screen and an accurate measurement stage. This patented microscope makes the observation more comfortable and thoroughly resolves the fatigue caused by using a traditional microscope for a long time. It features high resolution of LCD display to generate genuine photos and videos. This unit integrates X/Y digital micrometer and moving measuring stage for measuring functions.

1, It features a high resolution LCD screen to reverting genuine photo and video. This product integrates magnification, imaging, display, measurement and built-in LED illumination functions.
2, X/Y digital micrometer and moving stage for accurate measuring.
3, 9 Inches HD screen (1280800) real-time display and no need to connect to computer.
4, Built in 5 Mega digital professional camera and integration of capture, video and storage.
5, 720P/30fp HD video and HDMI Output.
6, Images and videos can be stored in the SD card.
7, Measuring Resolution: 0.005 mm

MNC-2 Digital LCD Stereo Measuring Microscope (5.0MP, with measuring function) with 9 inch HD LCD screen with HD video and HDMI output can be conveniently used to test and inspect product assembly, it also can be used in research and teaching fields.


LCD Screen 9 Inches HD TFT Screen
LCD Resolution 1280800
Sensor Resolution 5 Mega Pixel(25601920)
Sensor Size 1/2.5 Inches
Photo Resolution 25601920 or 16001200
Video Resolution 720P/30fps
Photo/Video Playback Yes
Data Output HDMI
External Interface Projector/Monitor
Language English
Measurement Crosshair
Positioning Crosshair/Arrow Pointer
Coordinate Colors Black/White/Red/Blue/Green
Date Mode Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute
Objectives Continuing Zoom Range 0.74.5
Zoom Ratio 01:07.
Total Magnification 9-80
Digital Magnifications 8
Field of View 1612mm-2.451.8mm
Working Distance With 1 objective, 100mm
With 0.5 objective, 203mm; Optional
With 2 objective, 50mm; Optional
Storage SD Card (4G)
Exposure Manual/Auto
White Balance Manual/Auto
Color Mode   Color/Black&White/Negative
Top Illumination Four-zone LED Ring Lighting Control
Measurement Stage Moving range: 30mm*30mm 
Measuring accuracy: 0.005mm
Voltage Input 100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Precision Measuring Platform Standard outfit
Stage Micrometer Digital, Resolution:0.005 mm
Optional Parts Universal Stand
Bottom LED Light
0.5X objective
2X objective


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